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As we welcome August, we also transition from summertime back to school. A new school year can mean a lot of things: a fresh start, reestablished routines, starting at a different school, meeting friends, and much more.

Especially for teens, these changes can sometimes be overwhelming, adding more stress to the pressures of everyday life. Luckily, there is one change teens can make as they head back to school that is sure to be seamless, natural, and exciting.

Invisalign for Teens

While juggling sports, clubs, classes, activities, family, and friends, the life of a teen can get very busy, very fast. For a teen who is always on the go, Invisalign is a great solution for straightening teeth, instead of wearing traditional metal braces.

Traditional metal braces, still very effective and used regularly by our patients, can sometimes get in the way. For instance, a growing, voracious teen may have trouble eating favorite foods that can easily be caught in brackets. Or, a teen on a sports team or playing an instrument in the band may find that their mouths are a bit more sensitive to activity surrounding them, from intrusive tackles on the football field to trouble playing the trumpet.

The “Clear Braces”

As the name “Invisalign” suggests, these aligners are clear and, therefore, nearly invisible. Teens appreciate not only the fact that Invisalign is not as noticeable as metal braces, but also that these aligners are smooth, avoiding any pain metal braces can sometimes cause on the lips, gums, and tongue.

Another perk of Invisalign that teens enjoy is that the aligners are removable. Invisalign can be removed at meal times, for an important date or dance, and for brushing and flossing. While it is recommended that Invisalign aligners are worn for 22 hours of the day, it is nice to have some flexibility for teens to remove their aligners as needed!

How Does Invisalign Work?

You may be wondering, “Can a piece of plastic really make a lasting, permanent change to teeth?” or “How is something that is removable really effective?” Although the premise is rather mind-boggling, the technology that has gone into orthodontics over the years is staggering.

Through the use of 3D-model technology, orthodontists can take a series of images of teeth, then determine how to reshape smiles with these aligners. Once the path towards a straightened smile is set, your orthodontist will prescribe a series of aligners, each worn a few weeks at a time.

Slowly but surely, this incremental movement, as teeth adjust to each new aligner, results in a perfect smile. Patients have reported seeing significant change to their smiles within the first six weeks of Invisalign.

Teens Love Invisalign

Don’t just take our word for it – listen to what teens have to say! Watch the video below to hear how Invisalign makes a huge difference for teenagers.



See more testimonials and videos on Invisalign Teen’s website.

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