invisalign vs braces

InVisalign’s popularity has grown drastically since its founding in 2000 because it allows you to fix your teeth while minimizing a change in looks. While many have benefitted from InVisalign, some have been told that they are not qualified candidates, which begs the following question.

Can anyone use Invisalign?

Simply put, do not believe the myths that are floating around some offices. InVisalign effectively does its job, working to create a better smile and better life for you. If you are considering InVisalign or have previously been told that it is not an option, we want to clearly communicate the value of InVisalign and what it can do for you.

1. You Keep Your Good Looks

Your overall appearance ranks high on the list of importance. InVisalign knows it, too, because its selling points include your comfort and convenience.

Adults and teens alike realize that their appearances impact their lives in a variety of areas. Your look gives you confidence as you enter a job interview, give a presentation or meet new friends in the community.

With InVisalign’s clear look, no one notices that you are working on improving your smile.

If you feel more comfortable taking the trays out for a special occasion such as a wedding or gala, you have the reins to do so. InVisalign suggests wearing your trays for 22 hours per day, so you have some flexibility to be Invisalign-free.

2. You Make Brushing and Flossing Easy

If you had to choose the route that is straight and construction-free or the one that has bumps, turns and roadblocks, which would you prefer? Most of us would take the clear route. When it comes to brushing and flossing, InVisalign is the clear path.

Since InVisalign’s aligner trays are removable, you can take them out to brush and floss. With no metal brackets to brush around and wires to floss through, brushing and flossing take less time and less effort.

Keep in mind that using InVisalign requires you to brush after every meal. Because of InVisalign’s plastic material, staining could become an issue if you do not properly brush and attack the food between your teeth.

3. You Fix Overbite, Underbite and Crossbite

The majority of us did not escape one of these three dental issues in our developmental years. You have seen the pictures as a child when you rhetorically ask, “Was that really what I looked like?”

Thankfully, we have products that help change the way we look. InVisalign has successfully changed oral health for many, and it can do the same for you by fixing whichever bite issue you face.


  • Occurs when the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth
  • Forms as a result of genetics or poor oral habits
  • Leads to irritation of the gum, wear on the lower teeth and pain in the jaw


  • Exists when the lower teeth protrude past your upper teeth
  • Decreases the usage of the front teeth and possibly the molars
  • Leads to tooth wear and jaw pain


  • Occurs as a result of misalignment between upper and lower jaws
  • Produces a bite where the front upper teeth fall inside of the front lower teeth
  • Results in wear of teeth and potential for gum disease or bone loss

Invisalign offers designated teeth-straightening and bite-solving solutions for each issue above.

4. You Improve Your Overall Health

By investing in InVisalign, you get straightened teeth as a direct result. However, you also improve your long-term dental and oral health. By properly aligning your teeth, you avoid swollen gums, periodontal disease, tooth decay and lessened jaw pain.

The American Dental Association has indicated that oral infections can be the cause for other serious health problems like heart disease.

Being confident in yourself certainly plays a role in overall health. By showing confidence, you experience less stress and more freedom while seeing your self-worth. With straightened teeth as a result of InVisalign, you gain that edge.

You should not have to endure issues involving your bite because you cannot get proper treatment. If you have been told that InVisalign is not an option for the issue you face, we would be happy to further discuss the details of Invisalign with you.

Before you schedule a consultation with Craig & Streight, take InVisalign’s Smile Assessment test. While the test should not prevent you from coming in to meet with us, it will give you a better indication of what to expect in pursuit of a comfortable, confident smile.

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